Barrio Logan

It's 'Time to Fly' in Barrio Logan

It's 'Time to Fly' in Barrio Logan

In a fresh and exciting move aimed at art lovers of all ages, traveling artist Jorge Mendoza teams up with 6-year-old burgeoning artist Ise Biezunski, aka "Ise Ise Baby," in a new art show at Chicano Art Gallery entitled Time to Fly.

Known for his Nest Murals around Barrio Logan, Mendoza is a mentor to Ise, who is drawn to create in spray paint and graffiti style. The multi-generational show from 6-11 p.m. on Feb. 2 will be complete with drinks and music.

PACIFIC recently spoke with Mendoza, Ise and her mother, Claudia Biezunski, to learn more ahead of this weekend’s show.

What’s the story with Nest Murals and Barrio Logan?...