Kate Hudson

S.D. Film Fest growing fast, lands 'Marshall' as opener

S.D. Film Fest growing fast, lands 'Marshall' as opener

It has been only five years since the San Diego International Film Festival's executive and artistic director, Tonya Mantooth, and her team started to rebuild the then-faltering event. Now, by all accounts, it is thriving.

"In 2016, we had about 23,000 people attend the festival, up to almost 4,000 more from the year before," Mantooth said. "We have seen a change on the industry side, too. More studios are taking a look at us and wanting meetings.

"Another indicator is how many film submissions we receive. It averaged around 400 when we started, and now we've hit the 2,000 mark in submissions."

This year's festival runs Oct. 4-8. In addition to...