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San Diego: This Weekend (Sept. 13-16)

San Diego: This Weekend (Sept. 13-16)

Top events around San Diego this weekend include KAABOO Del Mar, San Diego Bayfair, Fiestas Patrias Beer Fest and comedian Kate Quigley at American Comedy Co. 

9.13: Kate Quigley

“Here’s the problem with fake boobs. Let me tell you guys something you might not know. Did you know they could go bad? Yeah, did you know that you can have a runaway boob? OK, my left boob is like a drifter boob. It’s like a f**king lazy eye of t*ts. I’ve had this redone three times, it keeps going bad. I swear to God, you guys, if I wrap it up in a bikini, stick a bra on it, it looks good, right? Take this off? Forrest Whitaker’s face, that’s what happens.” — Kate Quigley at the...