15 weird things you never knew about California

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While you won’t learn any Hollywood secrets or salacious celebrity gossip reading this, you will learn some pretty interesting facts about the state of California. This West Coast state has some pretty weird history dating back to well before it became a state in 1850.

We searched through California’s extensive history to find weird facts and historic events that took place in this state that might not blow your mind - but they’ll at least give you some other information about California besides the fact that it has legal marijuana, celebrities, and a Golden Gate Bridge.

15 Weird Things You Never Knew About California

From Sacramento to San Diego, there are tons of weird things you never knew about California. For one, you can leave the LA coroner’s office with goodies. You won’t be able to bring any nuclear weapons to Chico, so leave those at home. Plus, parts of this state are so beautiful they’ve inspired songs. Will its natural beauty inspire you? Check out these 15 weird things you never knew about California.

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