The most underrated vacation spot in your state

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Travel can get quite expensive and quite tiresome, particularly when you’re visiting a top destination that everyone else is rushing to get to. That’s why so many globetrotters are drawn to destinations that are on the road less traveled. You’ll often find that the road less travelled isn’t necessarily so due to a lack of its value. The food at less popular spots is just as delicious yet less expensive, the beaches are even more tranquil without the crowds, and it’s easier to get a better deal on your hotel room.

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Across 50 states, America is full of gorgeous natural landscapes, interesting historical sites, wacky museums, and plenty of art, culture, and of course, world-class food. In a country so large, there can only be so many top destinations - which is why it’s not hard to find an amazing getaway in a place that isn’t so well-known. If you’re looking for an undiscovered place not far from home for your next trip, consider a trip to the most underrated vacation spot in your state.

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