March comedy stand-up roundup: from Taylor Tomlinson to Bill Burr


Laugh with these funny people headed to San Diego in March like Jordan Coburn, Maria Bamford, Jamie Kennedy, Pauly Shore and Jaspreet Singh.

3.1: Shane Mauss

Known for: Stand-up science, host of the Here We Are podcast, advocating psychedelics

@ The American Comedy Co.,

3.3: Jordan Coburn

Known for: Co-hosting the Webby award-winning political podcast Mueller, She Wrote

“People think it’s bad when their ex ‘goes gay’ after them. But my ex was much worse — he went flat-Earther after me. He went shape gay.” — Jordan Coburn on Twitter

@ The Comedy Store,

3.4: Maria Bamford

Known for: Portraying her dysfunctional family, self-deprecating humor, mental health jokes

“Did you know that on Netflix, it is possible to run out of genocide documentaries? And I’ve got to fill my queue with something. How else am I going to feel that contentment that comes from the perception I’m not about to kill millions of people, nor are millions of people about to kill me?” — Maria Bamford on Old Baby

@ The American Comedy Co.,

3.5-7: Tom Green

Known for: MTV’s The Tom Green Show, Freddy Got Fingered, Celebrity Apprentice; briefly being Mr. Drew Barrymore

@ The American Comedy Co.,

3.5-8: Tony Hinchcliffe

Known for: Insult comedy, writing jokes for roasts, host of the Kill Tony podcast

@ The Comedy Store,

3.7: Jaspreet Singh

Known for: Viral YouTube videos, mostly clean comedy for audiences of all ages

@ The Comedy Palace,

(Note: this show will be in Hindi.)

3.12: Matt Rife

Known for: MTV’s Wild ‘n Out, dating actress Kate Beckinsale (before Pete Davidson did)

@ The Comedy Store,

3.12-14: Sean Patton

Known for: Maron, numerous appearances at film festivals and on late-night TV shows

@ The American Comedy Co.,

3.13-15: Pauly Shore

Known for: Encino Man, being the son of Mitzi Shore — founder of The Comedy Store

@ The Comedy Store,

3.14: Ian Harris

Known for: Skeptical comedy, owning Fight Science — an L.A.-based MMA training center

@ The Comedy Palace,

3.19-21: Taylor Tomlinson

Known for: Late-night shows, co-host of What Just Happened??! and Self-Helpless

@ The Comedy Store,

3.19-21: James Davis

Known for: Writing for many BET award shows, creating Hood Adjacent with James Davis

@ The American Comedy Co.,

3.20: Steven Wright

Known for: Deadpan delivery, wry one-liners, playing the Guy on the Couch in Half Baked

@ Balboa Theatre,

3.22: Jamie Kennedy

Known for: Scream movies, The Jamie Kennedy Experiment

@ The Comedy Store,

3.26: Ryan Sickler

Known for: Hosting The HoneyDew Podcast, appearing on The Joe Rogan Experience

@ The Comedy Store,

3.26-28: Brooks Wheelan

Known for: SNL cast member from 2013-14, crowned homecoming king in high school

@ The American Comedy Co.,

3.28: Bill Burr

Known for: Lots of yelling, The Monday Morning Podcast, F Is for Family, playing Kuby in Breaking Bad

@ Harrah’s SoCal,