Russell Brand to present ‘funny and profane’ 12-step guide to sobriety, ‘Recovery Live,’ in San Diego

Are the English actor and comedian’s San Diego fans ready for an evening of serious 12-step humor? We’ll find out Wednesday at the Lyceum Theatre


Few people describe English comedian and actor Russell Brand as having a serious, sobering presence, including Brand himself.

But his current tour, which stops Wednesday at the Lyceum Theatre, should provide much more than bawdy laughs.

Get ready for: “A funny and profane exploration into personal development and wellness from a comedian who has dedicated himself to spirituality to avoid self-destruction. This 90-minute experience will introduce you to the system that saved his life, continues to save his sanity and will work for anyone who is willing to commit to it.”

Brand, the former husband of pop vocal star Katy Perry, is now 17 years clean and sober. He chronicles the 12-step program that saved his life in his 2017 book, “Recovery: Freedom from our Addictions.”

His current tour is, in his words: “A program for living for those aspiring to be saints who have lived too long among demons. This is an alternative vision for life at a time devoid of real values and connection. This could be the thing you have been looking for and it’s weird that this is the way you’re going to find it.”

This won’t be Brand’s first time in San Diego, as he notes in a recent video on his Twitter page.

“I went there, funnily enough, to meet Kristen Bell to audition for (the 2008 movie) ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’,” he says in the video.

“It went well for me that time. I’ve been there, visited military bases, on other occasions and I know you good people of San Diego to be the chosen folk of the West Coast...”

Russell Brand 7:30 p.m. Wednesday. Lyceum Theatre, 79 Horton Plaza, Gaslamp Quarter. $49.50. (619) 544-1000.