Santa isn’t going to need a coat when he reaches San Diego


Happy holidays, indeed.

San Diego is going to be warm, clear and dry through Christmas Day — and maybe all the way to New Year’s Eve --- as high pressure continues to block seasonal storms from dropping into Southern California.

Mild Santa Ana winds will blow through East County on Thursday, during the official start of winter. But then the weather will turn mild, with temperatures inching up each day, says the National Weather Service.

San Diego will hit 69 degrees on Christmas Eve (five degrees above normal) and 70 on Christmas Day. Inland temperatures will be five to 10 degrees warmer.

Clear, mild weather expected through Christmas Day

The only weather worries involve holiday travel. Forecasters say the Boston area will get snow on Friday and Denver will get it on Saturday. Air traffic delays are possible.

There isn’t any snow in the immediate forecast for Southern California’s ski resorts. But all of the major resorts are reporting lots of machine groomed snow.

The entire Southern California region is unusually dry. Going into Wednesday night, San Diego had gone more than 220 days without receiving so much as 0.05’’ of precipitation on any of those days.

And the region has been warm. The average monthly temperature in San Diego currently averages 62.1 degrees, which is 5.4 degrees above normal. Ramona’s current average is 55.9 degrees, which is 6.3 degrees above normal.

San Diego averages 2.43’’ of rain between Oct. 1st and Dec. 20th. This year, the city has only received 0.02’’ during that period. Ramona hasn’t received any rain.

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