Wonder Woman’s new costume revealed at Comic-Con

Behold Ben Affleck’s Batsuit - both of them.

Last night, Comic-Con put the costumes from the next big superhero flick, “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” out for all of Comic-Con to see. And there was quite a lot to take in, especially Wonder Woman’s whole new getup with some original comic book touchstones, like the lasso of truth.

First let’s talk Wonder Woman

Director Zack Snyder released an image of the new Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot, in her warrior costume last Comic-Con.

But now the fans had the opportunity to see her ensemble up close, and it turns out that Wonder Woman fights injustice and bad guys in wedge gladiator sandals.

The rest of her traditional accessories have also been slightly Xena’ed up. The cuff bracelets have markings on them, her tiara has been toned down to neutral colors, and she’s got a shield with markings along the rim (extra points for anyone who can translate that for us).

While it’s kind of odd to see the superhero heels next to Batman’s wearable tumbler suit (why must all female action heroes wear heels?), the detail on Wonder Woman’s costume is still pretty spectacular. And fairly traditional with the aforementioned warrior color tint.

Now on to the bat.

Back in April, when Warner Bros. released the “Batman v Superman” trailer, the audience got a good look at Bruce Wayne’s new Superman-fighting super armor. And now you too can analyze the massive creation. Check out the boots on this bad boy.

This is no doubt some sort of Kryptonian alien repelling machine, because we all know that Superman (played by Henry Cavill) can rip through almost all earthly metals. However, it is interesting that while building this insane armor Bruce Wayne paused to add a cape. What is an ensemble without a little flair?

Also new: Batman’s brand-new utility belt, which he has on in the regular/daytime Batsuit that was also presented at the DC Entertainment booth.

So what say you all about the new two new Batsuits and Wonder Woman’s new duds? “Batman v. Superman” will be released on March 25, 2016.

Source: DiscoverSD