Whiching Hour

It’s 10/31, and I gotta run.
I’m hitting a party at quarter past one.
I’m all grown-up, so I won’t stay sober.
But there’s something about the month of October
That gets me excited to feel like a child.
To wear a costume and kinda go wild.
One friend’s a warlock, one’s a French maid.
And all they can think of is who’s getting laid.

But I still like candy, and no one will know
If I sneak out in silence. Man, I should go.
How fun it would be to go trick-or-treating.
Those moments in life, damn they are fleeting.
So here I sit with one vampire tooth,
Wondering what I did with my youth...
Chocolate won’t help. Wait, lemme think.
I know what to do, I’ll go have a drink.

Happy Halloween, everybody!
Don’t give treats to any tricks, especially along El Cajon Blvd.
And be careful on the ride home - that’s the scariest part.

XOXO -PacificSD