Weekly Buzz (Nov. 14-18)


It’s been quite a busy week here in San Diego. Here are the buzziest stories to catch up on from this week:

Supermoon paints sky over San Diego

For those who missed it (although, if you were outside there’s no way you could have), the supermoon was seen all over San Diego on Sunday, Nov. 13, and Monday, Nov. 14. This particular supermoon was said to be the brightest seen from the United States in more than 70 years. It appeared larger and brighter than usual because Earth was closer to the moon than normal. One of our favorite photos of the moon is this one by San Diego Union-Tribune photographer Howard Lipin.

More housing coming to the downtown area

Need a new place to live in San Diego? The downtown area will be booming with new housing developments over the next few years. On Wednesday the Civic San Diego approved construction of 1,615 housing units in the downtown area. The areas include India & Beech; 320 West Cedar; New Palace Hotel; Broadway Block; Park & Market; and Streetlights Makers Quarter. Read more about the new additions, which also will include office spaces, low-income housing and more.

Donald Trump protesters take to San Diego streets

Hundreds of people protested the election of Donald Trump in the streets of downtown San Diego on Wednesday. The group was made up of mostly students from San Diego High School and San Diego City College. While the protest did at times get out of hand, it was mostly peaceful. There was one juvenile detained, cited and released but there were no other arrests made. The crowd chanted things like, “The people united will never be divided” and held signs asking for safety in America. Students from Lincoln High School later joined in on the protest.

San Diego brewery, Rough Draft, receives $35,000 grant

Congratulations are in order for one of our local breweries, Rough Draft. The brewing company was just awarded a $35,000 prize from World Trade Center San Diego at the MetroConnect competition. They were one of five finalists in a competition, aimed at helping a local company expand internationally and also included Deering Banjo Company, Manta Instruments, VaultRMS and Calbiotech. Nice job, Rough Draft!