Top 5 San Diego Spots for Outdoor Sex


We are very lucky. San Diego is a warm city, with so many stunning outdoor locations. For the sexually adventurous, this means opportunities for romantic outdoor sex. Below, I offer my top 5 San Diego locales for frisky encounters. Please feel free to comment on your favorite locations!

5. Black’s Beach. This may seem like an obvious choice, since Black’s Beach is our local nude beach, but it also has exquisite beauty with red bluffs, crashing waves, and romantic seclusion. There are some unique considerations for this area, including hand-gliders above, sketchy male voyeurs, and naked volleyball players (which sounds way better than it looks). Nonetheless, Black’s Beach is a hidden gem.

4. Balboa Park. Between the architecture and horticulture, Balboa Park is a buffet to the senses. I recommend any location where you can tuck away for some privacy but still be visually and audibly stimulated through nature or relaxing fountains. If you are there when it’s crowded, as a courtesy to others, look for one of the more secluded wooded areas.

3. Bird Rock. I hope this one surprises you, since we don’t hear a lot about this location. While this is the name of a neighborhood in La Jolla, there is also an actual “bird rock” - a rock situated in the ocean just beyond the beach, where birds like to hang out. I think having sex on a rock in the ocean is just cool. But be warned: you will probably have to stand, there’s ample bird crap, and the little crabs might nibble at your bare behind.

2. Coronado Beach. The white beaches of Coronado are beautiful, day and night. I suggest finding a private spot on the beach at nighttime, with the lights of the Hotel Del dancing in the distance. This iconic San Diego landmark adds an element of Hollywood romance to your sandy rendez-vous.

1. Sunset Cliffs in Pt. Loma.Sunset Cliffs is a sensual wonderland, from the deep blue ocean, waves crashing against the cliffs, salty sea air, navigation of the rocks, to the surprise picnic you pack. I think this setting is also better at nighttime, but be careful traversing the cliffs. So take your time, soaking in the natural energy along with your partner’s passion.

There are some obvious logistical concerns with outdoor sex. If you will be lying down, a soft, thick blanket is necessary cushioning, plus a second blanket for privacy. Standing is a good quickie option, but think about accessible clothing. And, if you are going to partake in such activities, please use caution to not frighten small children or get arrested. Nobody needs in flagrante delictolegal charges. Happy exploring!

Jennifer “Dr. Jenn” Gunsaullus, PhD, is a sociologist with a passion for gently pushing people outside their sexual comfort zones. She has a private practice, addressing concerns from sexual “dysfunction” to intimate communication, self-esteem to fetish, and pornography to spiritual sexuality. Dr. Jenn is a sex & relationship expert on San Diego Fox 5 News, and a frequent lecturer and workshop presenter on an array of topics related to sex, intimacy, healthy relationships, sexual health, holistic health, and mindfulness. She is also the writer and host of In the Den with Dr. Jenn, a free online educational video series celebrating 150 episodes!

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