Shark Encounters


Photo by Juan Oliphant

Did you know...

Many people think all sharks are cold-blooded killers, but great whites, mako sharks and salmon sharks are in fact warm-blooded killers - their bodies are warmer than the water they swim in.

Salmon sharks have been clocked swimming at 50-miles-per-hour by the U.S. Navy, who are obviously taking this North Korea threat seriously.

Sharks in the ocean have four-chambered hearts, which is exactly four more than sharks in the courtroom.

Sharks predate dinosaurs by 200 million years, meaning, about 65-million years ago, they enjoyed the awesomest BBQ ever as crispy dinos were flung into the seas by an errant asteroid.

Whale sharks are the largest fish in the ocean and can have litters of up to 300 offspring. Scientists believe many of them live as long as 150 years. This confirms whale sharks as the absolute worst shark to be. seriously, who wants to be way bigger than all of their friends, while supporting 300 kids for a century and a half? If reincarnation is a thing, this is where serial killers end up.

Bull sharks have been seen swimming in the Mississippi River as far north as Illinois, but haven’t put their mouths on any of the locals yet, proving once and for all - sharks have taste.