September Art Shows


9.2-25: “Galactic Pleasures” @ The Studio Door,

Space out over works produced by local collagist Ramona Szczerba and other artists in this national exhibit that orbits all things futurist, scientific and Steampunk.

9.2-10.30: “Making Waves: Politics and the New Woman” @ Women’s Museum of California,

Follow the rise of feminism as chronicled by 1960s and ‘70s art and artifacts that allude to the movement’s strides to overcome gender inequality and discrimination.

9.3-12.11: “The Last Hurrah” by Abe Ordover @ San Diego Natural History Museum (SDNHM),

Longtime SDNHM curator Abe Ordover has one final exhibit to complete before retirement: his own. The fine art photographer presents images he captured while wandering around the world during the past 20 years.

9.10-10.1: “Transition” by Ross Jaylo @ ArtHatch,

Following in his father’s footsteps, emerging painter and multimedia artist Ross Jaylo debuts his notions of ideal love in his first-ever U.S. solo show.

9.10-10.29: Camilo Restrepo @ Lux Art Institute,

Kicking off Lux’s new season, Camilo Restrepo’s bright, cartoonish paintings depict a desire for perfection - and the obstacles standing in the way of achievement for people (including the artist himself) from the drug-addled nation of Colombia.

9.14-11.30: “Carry Me Ohio,” by Matt Eich @ JDC Fine Art,
Having focused his lens on small-town Ohioans, the photojournalist presents images reflecting the pulse of Middle America and where the nation is headed.

9.15-11.6: “With Abandon” @ SDSU Downtown Gallery,

San Diego State University alumni who graduated between 2011 and 2016 showcase how their artistic talents have evolved from the techniques they learned while enrolled at their alma mater.

9.23-11.13: “All These Answers That May Never Come Our Way,” by Jon Jaylo @ California Center for the Arts,

Renown for his contemporary surrealist style, Filipino artist Jon Jaylo flies solo in this exhibit of 11 new paintings and many drawings.

9.24: “The Little Big Art Show” @ La Bodega Gallery & Studios,

A large group of artists display small works of art in this show that requires pieces to be no more than eight inches, regardless of style or medium.

9.24-11.13: “Heated Exchange: Contemporary Encaustics” @ California Center for the Arts,

Melted wax receives a twist in this exhibit centered on contemporary encaustic (wax-based paint) art and the beauty and versatility behind its multidimensional surfaces, luminous colors and layering.

9.24-1.2: “The Uses of Photography” @ Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego (MCASD),

Look back in time at how the progressive-photography community formed in and around UC San Diego from 1960-1980 helped pave the way for the medium’s ultimate political influence.

9.29-12.2: “Performing in Public” by Angela Washko @ Gallery@Calit2,

Gamer-turned-thespian Angela Washko displays screenshots and other stills from her four-year mission to perform under miscellaneous stage titles in the video game World of Warcraft.