See colors as you’ve never seen them


Synesthesia: a subjective sensation or image of a sense (as of color) other than the one (as of sound) being stimulated. - Merriam-Webster

Ever heard this fifty-cent word? I know it because I experience it often in my life. When I listen to music or when I meditate, I “hear” and “see” colors, whether sparks of green or vibrations of blues and purples. In many ways, we all have some sense of synesthesia.

Close your eyes. What colors do you see when you think of the the words “fall” or “autumn”? Inundated by seasonal marketing from stores such as Crate & Barrel or T.J. Maxx, we associate fall with warm tones such as oranges, reds, browns and yellows.

In the spirit of synesthesia, here are a few beautiful works across the city of San Diego to bring the colors alive for fall.

“Crepusculo IX” by Alejandro Martinez-Pena and “Colleen” by Iris Scott: “Crepusculo IX” has an undeniable vibrancy that has me seeing the Chinese New Year dragon, fire, the planet Mercury, budding cherries, and falling leaves all at once. Martinez-Pena’s work is one you can look at over and over and always see something new.

If you are lucky enough to walk through a magical pathway like in New York artist Scott’s finger-painted “Colleen,” take a picture and send it to me. Scott pulls you into the colorful scene, where you can imagine walking right behind this lady with red, orange and yellow leaves dancing from above.

Adelman Fine Art, 1980 Kettner Blvd., Suite 40, downtown. (619) 354-5969,

Laurie Delk is an avid art historian, holding a master’s degree in art history, with concentrations in the modern and postmodern movements. She has taught classes at Tulane University, and has been published with several art publications including Sculpture Magazine and New Orleans Art Review. Send ideas for art stories to

Source: DiscoverSD