San Diego lies in wait for Bondax


British DJ/production duo Bondax is headed to North America for seven shows. The longtime friends and musical collaborators will play single dates in Texas, New York and Montreal, and then take a four-date swing through California (they close the run on Saturday at Bang Bang in the Gaslamp Quarter).

Adam Kaye and George Townsend burst onto the scene in 2012, catching the ear of BBC tastemaker Annie Mac with the slinky beats of their single “You’re So.”

It got them signed to Sony, but they’ve haven’t released much since. A two-song EP in 2013 and a few singles later, fans are still waiting on the pair’s debut LP.

But despite the lengthy ramp-up, Bondax’s debut is nearing completion. DiscoverSD recently spoke with Kaye about the album’s long road to release and coming back to California.

Q: Hi! How are you?

A: Great. Thanks. I’m at my flat in Manchester with all my socks laid out, trying to pair ‘em all up for tour. It’s riveting stuff, man. Very exciting.

Q: Ha! We finally see behind the curtain. How has your summer been?

A: It’s been a really nice summer. Most summers are so brutal and we never get to see any family or friends. But we’ve been working on music all the time. Been in the studio a lot. So it’s been great.

Q: Excited to come back to San Diego?

A: Yeah. It’s amazing there. We both love San Diego. It has one of the most chill atmospheres of any city I’ve ever been to - especially in America. It’s got all the perks of L.A., but much more chilled-out. And that’s definitely our vibe.


When: 10 p.m. Saturday

Where: Bang Bang, 526 Market St., downtown

Cost: $10-$20


Q: The “Love Me Blind” single has been out for a few weeks now. What can you tell me about your full-length?

A: We’ve been working on our album for pretty much three years now. We’ve kind of made numerous albums over the last few years, really. We’ve had a lot of troubles behind the scenes; it’s been a frustrating time. We’ve got a lot of music we’ve made that no one’s heard and we really want to get out there. It sounds cliché, but we’ve definitely been on a musical journey. We’ve gone through a lot of changes, and no one’s really seen them. And since the music we’re making now is a lot different than what we were doing two years ago, we’re just trying to pick the best of it all and make a coherent album.

Q: Should feel good to just get it out there, right?

A: For sure. There’s going to be a massive smile on both of our faces, I can tell you that. It’ll be a relief. We feel guilty with the fans. To us, they’re the biggest surprise in all of this, especially in America. We just want to do right by all of them. We don’t want it to seem like we just can’t be bothered or something. We’re not allowed to release anything from it at the moment, but we are doing our best to put the album out.

Q: But you have put out some singles in the interim, and released mixes and the like on SoundCloud, right?

A: Yeah. We’ve put out a few new edits and stuff. But we’re on a major label and SoundCloud isn’t monetized. And that’s also a bit frustrating. It’s been our home from the beginning, really. They had us on their homepage for a year and played a big part in our success. The numbers are kind of incomprehensible. But the music industry is a weird, weird world these days.

Q: Is there a silver lining? Do you at least feel like it’s given you more control to tailor it to where you are now?

A: That’s the blessing behind this. And somehow, we keep getting booked, and people still want to come see us and haven’t forgotten about us. We’ve managed to take this time to make the best possible music we could make. We haven’t had to rush the album at all and it’s given us the chance to try things that are completely different. We just can’t wait for people to hear it.

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Source: DiscoverSD