Could pets be the answer to finding love?

Are pets the key to relationship success? (iStock)
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As slick as we may think we are, pick up lines are not always as effective as we had hoped. And while seeing happy couples on a dating website commercial may seem promising, they may not always lead to love.

However, one type of companion usually guarantees more than a few head turns: pets.

In PetSmart Charities’ study “The Truth About Pets and Dating,” researchers found that “59 percent of singles agreed that finding out that their date adopted instead of bought their pet made them seem more attractive,” while “66 percent of men and women would not date someone who didn’t like pets.”

As pets are known to be a man or woman’s best friend, it’s no surprise that pets can be used as the ultimate “wing man.” Once a potential match sees a pet’s fluffy face, the doors of possibilities can open for the owners.

According to PACIFIC matchmaker Jessica Pelligra, pets can help singles meet other singles.

“Dog parks are loaded with cute pups and their cute owners,” she said. “Cat cafes are always fun too. Who doesn’t like mixing their caffeine dates with cute cuddly kitties?”

While owning a pet may provide a “leg up” on the competition, some say that pets also are reflections of their owners’ personalities.

Does owning a snake mean you’re sly? Or, does your energetic Chihuahua mean you’re always ready for a party?

While a majority of U.S. households own a dog, it was found that dog owners are “15 percent more extroverted, 13 percent more agreeable and 11 percent more conscientious than cat people,” according to Bristol University’s study “Number and ownership profiles of cats and dogs in the UK.” Dog owners also are more likely to choose a pet to fit their active lifestyles.

“My German Shepherd, Myla, and I are so similar it’s crazy,” local dog owner Savannah Chavez said. “We both love naps, meeting new people and are very stubborn. I haven’t purposely tried to use her to meet a ‘special someone,’ but I definitely do meet a lot of strangers when I take her out with me.”

Cat people, on the other hand, are known to be good listeners and have creative sides.

Though it may be difficult to spot with a blind eye, studies also show that pet choices are related to certain professions. According to CareerBuilder, “entertainers, IT professionals, nurses and professors are more likely to be dog owners,” while those in the medical field, realtors and machine operators are likely to own cats. Bird owners, on the other hand, are likely to work in sales and advertising, while reptile owners are likely to work in media and fish owners are involved in hotel, human resources and transportation fields.

Though it may be a dog eat dog dating world, owning a furry, slithery or scaly friend may make dating a little less “ruff.” And even if that special someone doesn’t call back, pets will always be there to lend a paw and make any “mewment” better.