Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder makes surprise appearance

Over the weekend, an alumni fundraiser called Bringing It All Back Home was held at San Dieguito Academy.

Held in the Clayton E. Liggett Theatre, named after a late beloved drama teacher, one alum in attendance was Eddie Vedder, singer of the mega rock band Pearl Jam.

Eddie Vedder surprise appearance

So what would inspire Eddie to go back to his roots?

It was the aforementioned Clayton Liggett, a high school teacher who Vedder attributes a lot of his personal and professional success to.

In addition to jamming a Joe Jackson song with his old classmates, Vedder performed “The Long Road” on an acoustic guitar, a song he wrote after learning of Liggett’s death in 1995.

Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam performed live

SDHS grad Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam performs live at SDA’s Alumni Show, along with many talented grads - Jeanne Jones (@APJeanneJones) February 21, 2016

After the show, Vedder took pictures with students and fans.

Eddie Vedder meets students

Mr. Fuzzycam’s photo of my son, Evan, with Eddie Vedder. Eddie played Alumni Night at SDA; Evan did the lights. - Lonnie Brownell (@lonndoggie) February 21, 2016

And, rumor has it, made a sizable donation to the SDA Theater Arts Council.

Source: DiscoverSD