Open Door Policy


By Rebekah Sager

Like a therapist, BFF or bikini waxer, photographer Ben DeCamp knows the secrets of women’s most private regions-he knows what’s inside their refrigerators.

In August, the 25-year-old Thomas Jefferson School of Law student launched, showcasing photos of hot women next to photos of the contents of their refrigerators.

Within three days of going live, the site garnered more than 4,500 visitors, DeCamp says.

The project began as a joke, when DeCamp woke up in a girl’s apartment one morning and decided to raid her fridge.

Finding it nearly empty, he snapped a picture of its contents (or lack thereof ) and posted it on Facebook, alongside a photo of the fridge’s owner.

The rest is social media history. Now, there are more than 25 “hot girls” featured on the site, and women have begun to submit their own pics.

Why would they do such a thing?

“It’s because they want to prove that champagne isn’t the base of their food pyramid,” DeCamp says, adding that the healthiest fridge he has seen “looked like the Whole Foods produce aisle: a cornucopia of leafy greens, fruits and almond milk.”

As for the most remarkable, it’s “the one with the Tapatio sauce. There was nothing else in there except this glowing red bottle of hope and despair.”

DeCamp insists he doesn’t sleep with all of the women pictured on the site. He has standards, after all, and says there are things he looks for inside the homes of the women he’s considering dating: bookshelves (with actual books on them), dental floss in the trash (indicating good oral hygiene) and, of course, a fully stocked fridge.

Discover what else this still single, Albany, New York, native looks for in women-and their fridges-in this month’s blind date.