Oh, Wheely?


Bondo: Keep a can in your trunk, Cowboy. You may want to sculpt a second tooth before the Lakeside Rodeo. Hee haw!

Touch-up paint: Ladies, a small bottle of any metallic color will keep your nails sparkling for a night out in the Gaslamp.

Fuzzy dice: For any gambler wanting a little action on the way to Sycuan.

8-track tape player: What it lacks in music selection, it makes up for with internal space to hide your “medicine” from the dispensary.

Compressed air: Perfect for Del Mar cougars on the prowl, canned air can be used to re-inflate aftermarket lips or other appendages, delaying the next visit to the surgeon.

Life raft: A must-have for Rancho Santa Fe homeowners underwater on their mortgages - handy as a metaphor or for camping out after foreclosure.

Car wax: Forget the gel, fellas. Slick your hair back with a handful of this goo, and your ‘Do will last throughout night of barhopping and into the next month.

Air freshener: If you live in O.B., please buy one today (any scent except patchouli).

Spare tire: Start walking.