Interview with stars from “The Wedding Ringer”


Consider this movie the “Bridesmaids” for men. In Sony’s “The Wedding Ringer,” Doug Harris ( Josh Gad), a workaholic and loner with only two weeks till his wedding, finds himself needing seven groomsmen. Fast. That’s where Jimmy Callahan (Kevin Hart) comes in. He owns Best Man Inc., which provides groomsmen and a best man for socially-challenged guys like Doug.

DiscoverSD had a chance to sit down with the very funny stars before they walked the red carpet at an MCAS Miramar special screening for Marines and their families on Jan. 10.

DSD: So people have said this movie is a mix between “The Hangover” and “Bridesmaids” for men. What do you guys think?

Josh Gad: We love that. It is a little of both. And I think it’s important to distinguish that it’s not just a wedding movie. It’s so much more than that, it truly is laugh-out-loud funny.

Kevin Hart: Preach, brother (sing-song voice). Hallelujah.

DSD: Josh, I read that there were quite a few times you were actually scolded because you wouldn’t stop laughing in between scenes. I’m assuming it’s because of Kevin?

Gad: Yeah, there were a couple of times that Kevin and I were sent into timeout.

Hart: Let me tell you what I teased Josh the most on. Whenever we had lunch breaks...

Gad: (Interrupting) So, there was ONE incident where a little speck of food fell on my shirt and wardrobe gave me something to put over it to protect my shirt.

DSD: Like a bib?

Gad: It wasn’t even a bib but Kevin decided to call it a “bibby.”

Hart: (Kid voice) Joshy can’t hold his food in his mouth without making a split spat on his shirt. (laughs)

DSD: There are ton of really fun scenes. From a bachelor party to football in the mud to you both dancing very closely together. Was there one scene in particular that made you think, ‘I have the best job in the world?’

Gad: The football scene was really fun. Playing alongside Hall of Famers was incredible. But here is the thing about that scene. I’m not what you call an athlete.

DSD: I wouldn’t say that.

Gad: I know it’s shocking, Amber, but I don’t have an athletic body. I have hardened thighs that don’t like to move.

Hart: Josh has what we like to call a daytime TV body. (laughs) If anyone understands that.

Gad: (laughs) That’s the first time I’ve ever heard that. Well, let’s just say I have tricky fingers when it comes to football because a scene should have taken about 15 minutes ended up taking us three days.

Hart: Yeah, it took about three days for Josh to catch a football.

DSD: And what about the dancing scene between the two of you that was so fun to watch... How long did that take?

Hart: Three days!

Gad: That actually did take three days to rehearse.

DSD: Really? Why so long?

Hart: It took three days because... (points at Gad) old brick feet over there.

Gad: That’s not true. I excelled at every dance except the Dougie. I thought the Dougie was a type of Subway sandwich. I didn’t realize it was a cool hip hop dance that Kevin had to teach me.

Hart: After he learned it, he couldn’t stop.

DSD: So with wedding season around the corner - Josh, I know you are already married, and Kevin you are about to get married again - do you have any advice for anyone who is about to be a best man?

Hart: I wouldn’t take my advice.

Gad: Kevin and I have both been best men and have both dropped the ball.

Hart: We both failed.

Gad: Here’s what you need to do when you choose a best man, you need a type A personality who is responsible and plans things.

Hart: True. I didn’t plan a damn thing. We went to dinner and my friend says “so what’s next” and I said “you tell me.” (laughs) That’s when I knew I didn’t do what I was supposed to do. No one told me to plan anything, I thought we were just going to eat.

DSD: Well, you’re a great best man in the movie and that’s what counts.

Hart: Yes, see there you go.

“The Wedding Ringer” hits theaters on Friday, Jan. 16

Source: DiscoverSD