Here’s A Bright Idea


Watch the video below to learn who’s saving San Diego, one eureka moment at a time.

If green is the new black (spoiler alert: it is), then ArtHaus2 is wearing an architectural tuxedo.

The home on the cover of PacificSD’s March issue is an eco-friendly masterwork that reflects the collective efforts of some of San Diego’s most outstanding designers, artists and homebuilders.

One of the county’s first (and still very few) Platinum LEED-certified homes, ArtHaus2 began as a forward-looking blueprint that manifested into a living, breathing work of residential modern art.

The $2.7 million finished product would look great on any planet, but it was designed with Earth in mind: it sips resources through solar panels and smiles at the ocean, proud of its efficient use of power and water...and feeling pretty darn handsome.

(Sexy design simplicity can go to your head, just ask ArtHaus2. He’s cute and sassy and about to be where the other half lives.)

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