Wanna see TJ today? Here’s how...


San Diego’s neighbor to the south is in the middle of a cultural explosion, churning out everything from design-minded hotels to haute cuisine served out of a truck. Every corner of the city has a new “must-visit” spot, including fine-art expositions, chic tasting rooms, rooftop dining and design stores.

Those looking for street tacos, Caesar salads and lucha libre will still find them in spades. But look a little deeper, and it’s easy to see that Tijuana is serving up enough urban sophistication to keep people on both sides of la linea coming back to experience more of its creative soul. — Jackie Bryant

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Feature produced by Michele Parente. Fashion photography by Alejandro Tamayo. Stories by Michael Benninger, Jackie Bryant, Laurie Delk, Sandra Dibble, Maya Kroth, Karla Peterson, Peter Rowe, George Varga and Mark Zeigler.