Groo illustrator’s Con experience still evolving

A great deal has changed about Comic-Con over the past 30 years, but Sergio Aragonés isn’t one of them. As the illustrator of the Groo comic series, Aragonés has been working a booth at Comic-Con since 1985.

In that time, he’s seen big-name studio releases and large exhibits from toy companies dominate the convention center once entirely dedicated to comic Books. However, Aragonés sees the change as a great thing.

“Back in the day, everyone knew each other. Now, I meet so many people every year who have never read my work” Aragonés beamed in his think Spanish accent.

Over 100,000 tickets have been sold for this years’ Comic-Con. So, it’s probably safe to say that plenty of new eyes will be checking out Aragonés’ work this year.

When he’s not working his booth or manning one of the numerous panels, Aragonés makes sure to block off a little time for himself to wander the seemingly endless rows of displays. The world once occupied by a tight knit community of comic book enthusiast is now so diverse and futuristic it may very well be a panel in one of the comics so coveted in the early years of the convention.

“As a cartoonist, you work alone at home, and here you get to meet so many people it’s amazing,” Aragonés said.

Comic Con may never be dominated by comic books again, but Aragonés isn’t sure that’s a loss worth mourning.

But, he still sits at his booth just as he does every year, with an enthusiastic smile and an outstretched hand waiting to meet fans both new and old.

Source: DiscoverSD