Gimme Head Lines


Whether we ran run out of time, space or both, PacificSD had to nix some great stories in 2012. Here are headlines from the ones that didn’t make the cut.

Hit or Myth
Lisping baseball players’ major league superstitions

Smarts Phos
Carry-out eatery makes big bucks selling soup via new app

Prose and Cons
Writing contest for San Diego inmates

Thumb Thing Special
Diary of a serial hitchhiker

Gaze at Your Uranus
Its shuttle program scrapped, NASA sends man beyond Mars

Go Pluck Yourself
The how-to guide to perfect eyebrows

Scrooge You
How to save money and hate people

Can’t Catch the Ginger Bread Man
The story of a red-haired baker on the lamb

Hauling Ass
Man carries donkey across state lines

Special Erection
Japanese city council member defeats opponent in run-off vote