Gift guide: For the pop culture geek


There’s liking television, movies and celebrity gossip, and then there’s gulping it down. Some people were just built to thrive on all things pop culture.

This Christmas, get the pop culture junkie on your list one of these relevant, cute and funny gifts so that they can continue to stay on the pulse of what’s hot and buzzing in entertainment.

“Stranger Things” Soundtrack, Vol. 1

Netflix’s original series, “Stranger Things,” snagged a mass audience this year, bringing fans into wild a sci-fi world of thrills. The soundtrack, scored by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein, features 36 tracks that capture the show’s throwback tones.


Luke’s Diner Mug

With the return of “Gilmore Girls” to Netflix this November, everyone is abuzz about Stars Hollow all over again. Gift your Gilmore-loving friend the most iconic souvenir from the show: a mug from Luke’s Diner.

“Hold Up” iPhone Case

There’s no denying it. Beyonce’s “Lemonade” visual album rocked our world this year. With its debut came a flurry of new catch-phrases (sorry, Beckys everywhere). This phone case with illustrations from the song, “Hold Up,” is a cheeky gift for any Beyhive member.


Trevor Noah’s “Born a Crime”

After reporting from “The Daily Show” desk during the tumultuous election season, Trevor Noah has quickly become a household name. His latest book, “Born a Crime: Stores from a South African Childhood,” highlights his compelling and unlikely path from South Africa to America.

“Westworld” original DVD

Did you lose your friends to the “Westworld” series this year? The latest HBO show took Sunday nights to the next level of mystery and intrigue. While you sit there and try to figure out what you just watched, gift the original 1973 film to the super fan in your life.