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Fit Friday: Wide-legged forward bend

To perform: Start in a standing position with your legs wide, about three to four feet apart. Next, breathe in and exhale as you reach towards the ground, bending forward until your head is nearly touching the floor. Keep your elbows bent and lower your torso to achieve the desired position. You will want to press your hands into the ground and stretch your torso as long as you are able to while performing this move. (/ Rick Nocon)

While we all know that touching our toes is a nice, feel-good stretch, this move pushes that a bit further by sinking deeper into the position and pushing against the resistance of your body.

The wide-legged forward bend is excellent for strengthening the thighs and knees, stretching out the calves and lengthening the back. It is also said to be helpful for those suffering with asthma and sinus issues.

We challenge you to hold the wide-legged bend for up to 10 breaths. Add this move into your exercise routine regularly to reap the benefits of this awesome pose.

Source: DiscoverSD

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