Fit Friday: Forearm plank


The plank is an exercise we love because it can be performed anywhere, anytime without any equipment. While it is simple, don’t be fooled. The plank is not an easy feat until you start practicing it regularly.

This move tones your inner abdominal muscles, creating a strong core from the deepest part of your transversus abdominus. Planks also help you achieve better balance and improved posture over time, when performed regularly.

We challenge you to perform a forearm plank and hold for 45 seconds to one minute. Repeat this three times for a complete plank series.

When you complete your fitness challenge, use the hashtag #DSDFitFriday to show off your hard work!

About the model

Amy Caldwell of Yoga One located in San Diego

Address: 1150 Seventh Ave., downtown.


Source: DiscoverSD