Fit Friday: Crow pose


Ah, the crow pose. This move may look a bit daunting to those new to yoga, but with practice, the crow pose is an all-in-one toning move great for strengthening just about every corner of your body. This move strengthens the arms, wrists, abdominals and inner thighs.

To perform: Get into a deep squat with your heels slightly turned out. Place your hands on the ground with your knees in between your hands. Next, shift your weight so that the majority of it falls into your fingers and hands as you lift your feet off the ground. Lean forward and push your weight into your arms, keeping your arms slightly bent. Your feet should be floating as you allow your knees to touch your triceps. Keep your gaze down and hold the pose for as many seconds or breaths as possible.

About our model: Amy Caldwell of Yoga One, San Diego

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Source: DiscoverSD