Family Feud auditions coming to San Diego


Will you make it onto an episode of Family Feud? Survey says: audition and you’ll find out. On July 14 and 15, Family Feud will come to San Diego to host auditions for the game show.

Family Feud pits two families against one another in a game where the host, Steve Harvey, asks a member of each family a question and the family member tries to guess the most popular response based on the survey results of 100 people. Sometimes the contestants’ responses are spot on, others are, well... very creative. Whether its Harvey’s reactions or the out-there responses, it makes for watchable TV.

To schedule an audition for the show, register online. Full eligibility requirements can be found on the audition website, just know all five members must be related by blood, marriage or adoption.

For the application, photos and videos of the family are encouraged. Whether its a video or written text, the application asks for a brief introduction of the family and where they are from. Props, costumes, a mock round of the game or other things to stand out are encouraged in the video.

If you cannot make it to a live audition, contact the Contestant Department Hotline (323.762.8467) to learn about video auditions.