Dog costumes: Halloween cuteness overload


There are lots of things to love about Halloween: candy, roasting pumpkin seeds and all things fall. There is, however, nothing that makes us love Halloween more than seeing a pug dressed up as a princess for the occasion.

Pets in costumes are probably the cutest thing in the world (or at least one of the best things about celebrating the otherwise spooky Halloween holiday).

Here are some of our favorite, classic pet costume ideas to try out:

A pretty pup! Yep, a classic princess costume on a dog will never go out of style. It’s equal parts cute and ridiculous - especially on a non-prissy canine like this English bulldog.

Something about dreadlocks on a dog is just too funny. Whether you’re into reggae, think Bob Marley is the man or just are all about that Rasta lifestyle - this is a safe go-to. All you need is a hat with attached dreads to make this costume complete.

Paging Dr. Dog! Take off your dog’s collar for the night and exchange it for a stethoscope. This costume is great for the more serious, highly ambitious kind of pups.

She’s just a cute little lady bug. We love the idea of some wings and antenna for a simple yet effectively adorable costume. It’s subtle enough to not drive your pet crazy with all kinds of clothes and looks great on all sizes of dogs.

Because you’re never too old to clown around for Halloween, we give you ... the clown costume. It’s classic, silly and you can’t top the dog who’s wearing a crazy wig in a contest. If you have a bunny, this ensemble may or may not stay on as they hop around town.
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