Coolest things at Comic-Con Days 2 and 3

Days 2 and 3 really packed a punch, from huge celebrity sightings, fun events, giveaways and of course, amazing cosplay costumes.

As the annual event draws to a close today, here are some of the coolest things I saw during my long days spent at the Con:

In and around the Con

The chaos continued during Friday and Saturday at the Con, with huge celebrity sightings including the “Game of Thrones” cast, “Suicide Squad” cast and various TV show signings and panels. Some of the highlights include:

“Rick & Morty” signing: This Adult Swim cult-classic in the making had a nice-sized crowd lined up for autographs and photos with actors Chris Parnell and Spencer Grammer, who respectively voice characters Jerry and Summer on the cartoon, as well as the show’s writers. The great part was, the line moved quickly and because it wasn’t for a panel, there was no long wait before the signing.

The “ South Park “ area: There was a “South Park” city built adjacent from the Con for lovers of the show to enjoy. The setup was complete with a replica fictional town from the show, the opening montage of the kids on the school bus, tons of activities and places for taking fun, “South Park” themed photos.

The biggest panels: Big stars, including Will Smith and Margot Robbie of “Suicide Squad,” were on hand Saturday at the Con. A large portion of the “Game of Thrones” cast also showed up, ready and willing to answer questions at their panel. Seeing those stars had to be the highlight for the many die-hard fans who waited two- to four-hours in line to see the stars.

Nickelodeon’s “All That”: Over at the Nickelodeon booth, fans of the hit ‘90s show “All That” were treated to a signing and a meet-and-greet with the stars. Some people even brought bottles of orange soda for Kel Mitchell, whose character was completely obsessed with orange soda, to sign.

Cosplay costumes

My picks for days two and three were perhaps a bit more mainstream, than my picks for day one. While the outlandish characters were awesome, it was the ones from the lovable comedies that made me laugh the most.

Jim and Stacie Mossey as Ron Burgundy and Veronica Corningstone from “Anchor Man.”

Corey and Jennifer Dobbs as Buddy the Elf and Jovie.

Mark S., Harrison G., Samantha S., Gale S. as Austin Powers, Fembots and Dr. Evil.

Side note: The man playing Austin is a surgeon in San Diego and the ladies are his sisters who live in Orange County.

One of my less-mainstream favorites was Groot and Rocket from “Guardians of the Galaxy.”

Source: DiscoverSD