Coming Up Spade


By Michael Benninger

David Spade, 4/17 at Sycuan Casino” src=”” alt=”David Spade, 4/17 at Sycuan Casino” width=”377” height=”558” />

Equally famous for his snarktastic SNL skits, the legendary films in which he appears opposite the late Chris Farley and his longrunning leading-man roles on NBC’s Just Shoot Me (1997-2003) and CBS’ Rules of Engagement (2007-2013) funnyman David Spade will perform live at Sycuan Casino on April 17. Ahead of his San Diego arrival, the career comedian spoke with PacificSD about his new prank show, slipping back into Joe Dirt’s mullet and getting his big break along Garnet Avenue.

PacificSD: What can people expect from your show at Sycuan?
DAVID SPADE: I think, if they’re a fan of the comedy I do on talk shows such as Letterman or Ellen, they will like my stand-up comedy. A lot of people don’t know my stand-up, but I think they’ll like it, if they think I’m funny on TV. It’s not really dirty; it’s pretty much PG-13 - nothing too crazy... with a few exceptions.

How has your humor changed over the years?
I think it’s better, or more sharpened, over the years. I try not to be as corny as I used to be. I watched some of the tapes from my early stand-up and I was really high-energy, a goofball. I liked that style then but I sort of grew out of it. I always try to at least be somewhat clever, hopefully.

What’s the premise of your new prank TV show?
The prank show is basically taking all these people that sign up for reality shows and really, really, really want to be famous, and try to make them famous for the wrong reason. We put together a fake reality show like “Blind Date” or something, and everyone’s in on the joke but them. So they get to be on a reality show but they’re sort of getting pranked at the end.

What’s it been like stepping back into the role of Joe Dirt after all these years? How’s the sequel, Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser, coming together?
Joe Dirt is probably my favorite thing I’ve done out of all the movies. It will come out in July on Crackle, and it’s really coming together well. We’re ninety-percent there, and I think it will really hold up against the first one. I’m hoping.

Have you spent much time in San Diego?
I did my big break in San Diego at the Improv that was down on Garnet, by the Food Basket. Mark Anderson, the owner of the San Diego Improv, saw me on an amateur night and let me stay the week when I was visiting from Arizona. That was the launch of me coming out a lot to San Diego and getting in tighter with all the Improv chains. I mostly golf when I’m down there [now]. I love it.

What other projects do you have on the horizon?
I’ve just been doing stand-up and trying to work on coming to TV with another show. It takes a lot longer than I thought, but I’m up for doing another one now.

4/17 at Sycuan Casino