A social media guide to #SDCC2017

Tyson Brown as Spiderman checks his phone at Comic Con in 2014. (K.C. Alfred/Union-Tribune)
(K.C. Alfred / UT San Diego/Zuma Press)

Charge up your phone and Tweet, Snap or Insta your way through the four days of Comic-Con International 2017.


@PacificSD: We’ll be reporting live from the Comic-Con scene with all the latest news, celebrity sightings and more. Don’t forget to share you photos with us by tagging #PacificSD.

@SDUT: The San Diego Union-Tribune’s team will also be reporting inside and outside of the convention. Follow for insider information and big announcements in film and television.

@Comic_Con: Straight from Comic-Con, this is your official feed for the 2016 spectacle. This year, they’re using #ToucanTip to share exclusive info.

@DCComics: You can trust this major comic book source to spill insider tips and giveaway gold.

@Marvel: The world’s most well-known character entertainment company will have event announcements and giveaways for followers.

@TheRealStanLee: Stan Lee is the former chairman of Marvel Comics, creator of Spider-Man and X-Men and a legendary hardcore Comic-Con enthusiast.

@SD_Comic_Con: Looking for exclusive information, or at least a few tips from a self-proclaimed expert? Look no further than this feed, dubbed “the San Diego Comic-Con unofficial blog.”

@SDConventionCtr: It’s the main hub of the action during Comic-Con. Refresh frequently for Convention Center news and venue info.

@OutsideComicCon: This feed has an in-the-know perspective of what’s happening outside of the Comic-Con gates.

@nerdist: Chris Hardwick is Comic-Con’s most in-demand moderator for some of the biggest panels. He’ll emcee the most important happenings during the weekend, including both The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead panels in Hall H.

@HallHLine: The infamous line to get into the Con’s biggest panels now has it’s now fan-fueled Twitter handle. Check for updates, photos and tips on getting in.


For a stress-free experience, get the official Comic-Con App. This free app gives a basic run-down of the schedules, exhibitors, maps and events. It’s not fancy, but it hits all the essentials.



Twitter: @Comic_Con

Instagram: @Comic_Con




You can watch the Con go down from the star’s perspectives by following them on Twitter or Instagram. Here’s a few users who are scheduled to appear at this year’s Comic-Con:

Chris Hardwick, @hardwick (Twitter: 2.99 million followers): This inventor of @Nerdist is the host with the most. Hopefully he’ll post some behind the scenes Tweets and pictures from the many panels he’s hosting.

Norman Reedus, @bigbaldhead: (Instagram: 5.7 million followers): The Walking Dead badass loves to give nods to his fans on social media.

Tyler Posey, @tylerposey58 (Instagram: 4.6 million followers): This Teen Wolf will be all over Comic-Con including panels, signings and at MTV’s Fandom Fest at Petco Park.

Charlize Theron, @charlizeafrica (Instagram: 2.6 million followers): The Atomic Blonde’s feed is filled with behind the scenes photos from movies she’s in (including video of fight scene choreography) and red carpet events, plus posts about the multiple charities she’s involved with.

Kim Dickens, @kimdickens (Twitter: 22k followers): Maybe not the most well known on the list, but her Twitter feed holds lots of Fear the Walking Dead tidbits, and hopefully there will be more from Comic-Con.
Leslie Hackett contributed to this story.


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