Comic-Con rules: Do’s and don’ts


The madness is here! The madness is here!

With Comic-Con only hours away, it’s essential to prepare for the good, great and the Galactica. So listen up, because there are a few rules that even the mightiest of super heroes need to follow. (A complete list of rules can be found at

Green light’s a go

Badges. Keep them handy and visible at all times! In order to enter and exit the Convention Center and other venues, you will be asked to scan your badge. Once you see the green light, you’re ready for the craziness inside.

Have no fear! (Real) Weapons are not allowed here

Although a real Odinsword would complete the Thor look, you’ll have to settle for simulated or costume weapons. All costumes props and weapons must be inspected at the Costumes Props Desk outside of Hall E or C2.

Keep both feet on the ground

While some say that hoverboards give super powers, they are prohibited inside and outside all venues. This year, you’ll need to rely on good old fashion legs to get you around from venue to venue.

Turn off the live stream and recording devices

As much as your Facebook friends would love to see the the day’s most anticipated panel, live streaming apps on smartphones, tablets and laptops are not allowed. Similarly, video and audio recording of movie and television panels is prohibited. This includes recording with smartphones, video recorders and Google Glass.

If it flies, it must stay outside

Leave the flying to the superheroes. Drones, balloons and other flying or tethered objects are not allowed in exhibit halls or at any Comic-Con function.

Stick to old fashion selfies

While selfie sticks and GoPro poles provide great selfie angles, they are unfortunately not allowed inside any Comic-Con venue or outside the Convention Center at hotels, theaters and the San Diego Central Library.

Blow out the smoke

Smoking is not allowed in Comic-Con venues. This includes cigarettes, cigars, pipes, E-cigarettes and other vaping devices. Designated smoking areas will be located outside of Comic-Con venues.

Un’fur’tunately, no pets allowed

Sorry Krypton, Superman will have to register you as a service animal in order to come in. To enter the Convention Center, all pets must be registered as a service animal and wear an identifier. Service Animal Stickers can be picked up in the lobby of Hall A.