Comic-Con 2015: Meanwhile, at the Lost & Found

Seretha Elliott has seen it all at the “lost and found” booth at Comic-con this weekend.

The Atlanta resident said about half of the items turned in eventually find their way back to their owners, including wallets and cash.

Among the items still unclaimed are a rubber hand, a ladies red princess shoe, a large skunk tail, cell phones, video games, sleeping bags, autographed posters and iPads. There are also several wallets and dozens of credit cards.

On Saturday morning, retired businessman Vernon Schenfisch of Rancho Palos Verdes lost his wallet just as he arrived around 9 a.m. But he was relieved to find it an hour later at the lost and found with all his cash and credit cards inside.

“You have a very fair city here. I can promise you this never would’ve ended so happily if this happened in L.A.”

Michelle Mattoon of Dallas had no such luck recovering a book and baseball hat she set down someplace on Thursday.

” I guess I’ll have to re-buy,” she said.

Elliott said that the wallets and credit cards that remain unclaimed by the end of the convention on Sunday will be turned over to the convention center’s security staff.

Source: DiscoverSD