Laughing stock: August comedy shows

Joel McHale. (Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
(Ethan Miller / Getty Images)

Comedians performing at comedy venues around San Diego this month include Joel McHale, Eleanor Kerrigan and Adam Ray.

8.4-5 Joel McHale

“Hollywood helps America by projecting a heroic image to the rest of the world. We just released another movie about Captain America. Or, as he’s known in China, Captain Who Owes Us $1.1 Trillion.”

- Joel McHale at the 2014 White House Correspondents’ Dinner

@ American Comedy Co.,

8.4-5 Adam Ray

“I got peer-pressured to do mushrooms over the summer. ... It was my first time doing mushrooms. It was also my first time talking to a daddy long-legs about global warming.”

- Adam Ray at Gotham Comedy Club

@ The Comedy Store,

8.5 Joe Rogan

“I love pot, but the people that are making edibles need to slow the f*ck down. Oh, my god, what are you trying to do to people? I had a pot gummy bear the other day. I think we should all agree a gummy bear shouldn’t be able to steal your soul, right? How the f*ck are these people making these things, man?”

- Joe Rogan on Joe Rogan: Triggered

@ San Diego Civic Theatre,

8.10-12 Michael Ian Black

“Will be attending a BBQ today. This will be my third social event in four days, a new personal best. Thanks to my coaches and staff.” - Michael Ian Black on Twitter

@ American Comedy Co.,

8.18 The Comedy Get Down (Cedric the Entertainer, Eddie Griffin, D. L. Hughley and George Lopez)

“I’m going to say something that not a lot of people will say right now: white lives matter. Let me explain. Who’s going to make meth? Who’s going to turn the carnival rides off? Who’s gonna go to Whole Foods? Not us!”

- George Lopez on Showtime at the Apollo

@Valley View Casino Center,

8.18-19 Steve Trevino

“Women are very expensive creatures. You single men in here, listen to me: You see a woman with highlights? Run. That bitch is expensive. God didn’t put stripes in her head; a gay man did. And that sh*t costs money.”

- Steve Trevino at The Improv

@ The Comedy Store,

8.18-20 Hari Kondabolu

“America can’t tell the difference between a ‘Muslim’ & a ‘terrorist,’ but expects us to differentiate between a ‘latte’ & a ‘flat white?’”

- Hari Kondabolu on Twitter

@ American Comedy Co.,

8.25-26 Eleanor Kerrigan

“I do look like Caitlyn Jenner, right? That is a f*cked up thing. I can’t stand this. All my life, I wanted to be Bruce Jenner. Now this bitch wants to be me.”

- Eleanor Kerrigan at the Hollywood Improv

@ The Comedy Store,