Cedric Gervais celebrates big year at OMNIA gig

French-born, Miami-based DJ Cedric Gervais is having a big year. The Grammy-winning producer started his own record label, Delecta Records, and also announced his brand new, soon-to-be ongoing compilation series, “The Delecta Sessions” - the first volume of which is scheduled to arrive soon.

Running with that theme, the veteran DJ is headed to San Diego as part of “Phase 1" on his Delecta Sessions world tour. It’s already taken him to Spain, Italy and Brazil, while Gervais will close out the year by making his way across the States to Las Vegas before announcing dates for the tour’s second phase.

Yet despite all of the time Delecta and its permeations demand, Gervais has continued to crank out his own music as well. At the end of September, the producer teamed with David Guetta and vocalist Chris Willis for the single “Would I Lie To You” - a reworking of Charles & Eddie’s 1992 classic one-hit wonder.

DiscoverSD recently spoke with Gervais by phone from his Miami home about it all:

DiscoverSD: How are you?

Cedric Gervais: I’m a little sick. So I’m sorry if I sound like s***.

DSD: What can you tell us about this upcoming first phase of The Delecta Sessions Tour?

CG: We always do a tour during the fall. And since the compilation is in the works, we decided on this tour - The Delecta Sessions. But we also launched the label this year and it’s doing very well. We signed a couple of artists that we’re about to release, so we’re celebrating it all: the album, the label, the tour.

DSD: How has scouting new talent for your label changed things up with the way you make your own music?

CG: It’s two different things. With your own label, you have more freedom to do whatever you want - sign up whoever you want and put out any kind of music you want. Major labels are a little more critical, there are politics involved - so it’s a little more difficult. But I do like both sides.

DSD: With Delecta Records, is the focus on breaking new talent or fostering the relationships you already have?

CG: Both. We definitely want to find new artists, but I’m also looking to do more stuff on the label as well.

DSD: Seems like it’s a long time coming.

CG: I actually had a label before. It was called Sleaze Industries, and that was when we were printing vinyl. I used to bring the master to the vinyl press down in South Miami, watch it get printed and go over to the distributor myself. I did it the back-in-the-days way and really learned how to do this thing. It’s funny, every once and a while some guy will show up and bring me one of the old releases from my label. I’m always like “Oh my God!” because it was so, so long ago. But now I’m partnered with Armada (Music) and they’re a monster. We do it in a big way. But I did do it with just me. No management. Nobody. Just grinding and trying to start something. But I am glad I did it.

DSD: Is there a Delecta Sessions Vol. 2 in the works?

CG: Not yet. But there will definitely be a Vol. 2. Definitely.

DSD: This new tour puts you on three continents. Do you plan the big tours out or do you just take them as they come?

CG: I’m a real DJ. I’m not a robot. I feel the crowd and just go with the vibe. I’m not one of these guys who preprogram their set and have to leave after 45 minutes because they don’t know what to do after their recording is over. I’ve been doing this for 20 years. I show up and play what I feel like playing. And that’s the way it should be.

Cedric Gervais

When: 9 p.m. Oct. 21

Where: Omnia San Diego, 454 Sixth Ave., Gaslamp Quarter

Cost: $20


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Source: DiscoverSD