Calling all the single ladies to Finest City Improv

The first Saturday of each month at Finest City Improv is dedicated to one thing and one thing only: a hilarious, improvised show revolving around the lifestyle of single ladies.

The performance is made up of improv comedians will who recruit a single San Diegan woman to join them on stage. Her role in the performance is to simply tell her past dating experiences to the audience as well as her reasons for remaining relationship-free. This part of the show will serve as Act 1: The introduction.

From there, a full-on dating game-inspired segment will take over the stage. The game will feature comedians acting as suitors who will answer questions asked by the bachelorette, ending in her finding her “perfect match.”

The third and final act of the show will feature a together-forever, happy ending concluding in modern-day matrimony... AKA either pairing the woman with a new boy-toy or solidifying her awesome relationship with herself.

Tickets are not yet available on sale. Visit for updates on ticket release.

Finest City Improv, 4250 Louisiana St., North Park.

Source: DiscoverSD