Build your own herb garden

Have you ever walked by those fresh herbs at the market, wondering how great it would be to bathe in the aroma of your own garden?

But then reality sets in: you just don’t have the space.

Not so fast.

Having your own mini-herb garden is doable. You can even be green, using recyclables, to earn that green thumb. An easy DIY project can make for a simple solution by using old tin cans and tools from around the house.

Choosing plants

Bill Tall, owner/founder of City Farmers Nursery in City Heights, recommends parsley, chives and mint as three good starter herbs. The plants sold at the nursery come in 3-inch pots and sell for $3.49 each. These three herbs can live in lowlight situations and are not as sensitive to the sun.

Get your tools ready

The tools for this project are basic. Most everyone should have a hammer and nail available. If not, cozy up to a handy neighbor. And tin cans. Whether last night’s dinner included your favorite soup or you had some corn with your chicken last week, you’re bound to have a few tin cans in the old recycling bin. Make sure the edges are not sharp; if need be, use a little sandpaper to dull them down.


Rotate your plants a quarter-turn each day. This will keep them from becoming leaners.

Preparing the cans

Any old can will do but remember to give them a good washing. Ditch the label and remove any residue, including ink or glue. Plants such as mint require a larger can since it tends to propagate quickly. After cleaning, take a nail and hammer a few holes in the bottom of the can. These will act as drainage, just in case you overwater.

And finally

After transplanting the herbs, make sure they get plenty of light but keep them away from direct sun. Water as needed. How often? Tall suggests putting your finger in the soil to gauge its thirst. Too dry? Just add a little H20.

City Farmers Nursery, 3110 Euclid Ave. in City Heights, (619) 284-6358 or

Source: DiscoverSD