Bill Murray spotted downtown and in Escondido


The only thing more bizarre and awesome than running into Bill Murray, is running into Bill Murray at 1 a.m. in the middle of Kit Carson Park.

Yep, the film star was spotted by a group of teens hanging out at the Escondido neighborhood park after dark last night.

The Reddit post states:

“My friends were out at 1am smoking weed at Kit Carson Park in Escondido when they saw Bill Murray walking through the woods like a phantom.”

No one knows why Mr. Murray was hanging out at Kit Carson Park, besides maybe playing a late-night game of disc-golf at the popular course. Murray is also known to have a home in the Valley Center area nearby.

This instance was not the only spotting of Bill Murray last night. He was also seen dining at Rustic Root in downtown San Diego a few hours earlier.

Looks like Bill had a great night. We’d love to see more of him around town!

Source: DiscoverSD