Arts Desire


4.1-5/15: “50 to Watch”
The Studio Door
3750 30th St., North Park
Returning for a second year, this regional exhibition spotlights San Diego’s top visual artists, whose work is also displayed in a national publication by the same name.

4.1-5.29: “In Style with Tile”
Women’s Museum of California
2730 Historic Decatur Rd., Ste. 103, Liberty Station
As part of the “15th Annual Mosaic Arts International Exhibition” (comprised of this show and one at Valencia Gallery in Liberty Station), the museum celebrates established and emerging mosaic artists.

4.1-6.5: “An Archaeologist’s Eye” by Katherine A. Schwab
Timken Museum of Art
1500 El Prado, Balboa Park
A visual and performing arts professor resurrects architecture of the Parthenon through drawings, offering a glimpse inside the famous temple once inhabited by ancient Greeks.

4.2: “Forces of Nature” by Sierra Colt and Brady Willmott
1475 University Ave., Hillcrest
Two tattoo artists display their latest oil paintings.

4.2-8.2: “Brueghel to Canaletto”
The San Diego Museum of Art (SDMA)
1450 El Prado, Balboa Park
See 40 still life and landscape paintings by 17th-century Dutch, Flemish and Spanish artists.

4.2-10.2: “Mingei of Japan”
Mingei International Museum
1439 El Prado, balboa Park
Glimpse rarely seen textiles, folk paintings, pottery and other Japanese folk-art treasures.

4.9-5.7: “Stray Voltage” by Casey Weldon
Distinction Gallery
317 E. Grand Ave., Escondido
A Portland-based artist presents 20 acrylic paintings that depict mysterious glowing lights.

4.8: “Sirens” by Jared Lazar
Visual Shop
3776 30th St., North Park
See original works that incorporate elements of surf/ skateboard culture and graffiti/street art to portray a slice of SoCal life.

4.9-6.5: “Xanadu” by Gloria Muriel
Sparks Gallery
530 Sixth Ave., Downtown
See new works portraying goddesses and deities from Mayan, Hindu and other cultures around the world.

4.11-23: “Inner Dimensions” by Jeremy Sicile-Kira
Space 4 Art
325 15th St., Downtown
Artist Jeremy Sicile-Kira suffers from nonverbal autism and synesthesia, the latter of which is akin to a blurring of the lines between senses. His neurological processing enables/forces him to see letters, words and emotions in color, which brings vibrant life to this collection of his paintings of people he’s met and places he’s visited.

4.16-30: “Art Exonerated”
Alexander Salazar Fine Arts
1040 Seventh Ave., Downtown
San Diego-based art dealer Alexander Salazar, whose father was a victim of gun violence, presents a collection of art created by prison inmates.

4.16-7.3: “Recurring Dream” by Gay Lasher
Visions Art Museum
2825 Dewey Rd., Ste. 100, Liberty Station
A Colorado-based artist used six digital manipulations of an image of a young man walking into a house to stitch together a collection of colorful quilts.

4.29-5.1: Art Alive 2016
The San Diego Museum of Art (SDMA)
1450 El Prado, Balboa Park
Spring into the 35th celebration of Art Alive, SDMA’s annual fundraiser featuring more than 100 floral interpretations of works from the museum’s permanent collection.

4/30-8/28: “Best of Nature”
San Diego Natural History Museum
1788 El Prado, Balboa Park
Amateur and professional photographers from around the world submit their landscape and nature-centric imagery for judging in this annual competition. (A 2015 entry seen here.)

4/29-9/4: “Brush and Ink”
The San Diego Museum of Art (SDMA)
1450 El Prado, Balboa Park
Travel through time, from the 15th century to present day via this exhibit of Chinese ink paintings, scrolls and fans - and contemporary works by Chinese artist Pan Gongkai, the show’s curator.