3D-printed costumes a hit at Comic-Con

Want to dress like a Stormtrooper and actually be somewhat comfortable?

You may be in luck.

A company called Anovos is using essentially 3D printing technology to take original “Star Wars” costumes and turn them into wearable costumes.

Here are five things you need to know about it:

1 How much is it?

A Stormtrooper helmet is going for $212.50 or you can buy a kit to put it together for $127, a Comic-Con special.

2 Built-in fans

Dean Plantamura, who is manning the Anovos booth at Comic-Con, said the original costumes in the movies were thin plastic that may have been worn for just moments at a time. That’s in contrast to Comic-Con, which entails wearing costumes all day. These have pads and even fans to keep cool.

3 Not a costume

“In the past if you wanted to get a “Star Wars” costume it came out like a cheap Halloween costume,” he said. “These aren’t replicas, but they’re high end and wearable.”

4 Next big thing

While some costumes have been around for a few years, the next big release is a Boba Fett helmet. You can also pay extra to get the body suit and pants. A full Stormtropper outfit is $1,275, missing just the boots and lazer.

5 In demand

Plantamura said the company has sold thousands as technology improves. “There’s going to be a lot of Stormtroopers walking around next year,” he said.

Source: DiscoverSD