20 thoughts a San Diegan has on a Friday

  1. So ready for the weekend to start. I better send a group text and get the ball rolling.
  2. On second thought, I’m feeling kinda tired... Maybe it’s more of a Netflix night.
  3. No. I’m young and fun and need to take advantage of this city. Now, is it a drink craft beer kind of night or a drink DRINK at the club night?
  4. I should probably get a new outfit.
  5. Speaking of clothes... There’s all that laundry I still need to do...
  6. And clean the house...
  7. And catch up on that DVR...
  8. No! San Diego. Friday night. We’re going big! Save the chores and errands for Sunday. OK, it’s a full-on Gaslamp night. I still have the Uber credit code, right?
  9. I should probably make a reservation for brunch tomorrow. Let’s go somewhere new and hot.
  10. Mmmm brunch...
  11. Brunch Sunday too. Never can have too many brunch plans.
  12. Brunch and chores on Sunday.
  13. Saturday sounds like a good day to get back to the beach.
  14. But parking...
  15. I’ll go early! I’ll bring that book that I’ve been wanting to read and some grub and remember why I live in America’s Finest City.
  16. I might even try to surf.
  17. Unless I’m hungover.
  18. Then I’ll just apply the “hair of the dog” theory and hit up a beach bar.
  19. It’ll be the best weekend ever. Instagram, get ready.
  20. 5PM LET’S DO THIS.

Source: DiscoverSD