10 things you never knew about James T. Kirk

William Shatner appeared at Comic-Con Thursday reading excerpts from a new book by “Family Guy” writer David A. Goodman, “The Autobiography of James T. Kirk.” Before a capacity crowd of 4,000, he revealed these little known facts about his famed “Star Trek” character.

1. Kirk says petite women are his type. Come to think of it, who isn’t his type?

2. Whenever he played hooky from work for a tryst, he used the euphemism that he was “rock climbing and riding horses.”

3. When he fell in love with the mother of his child, Carol, he asked her to marry him after just a few days. But his love for Starfleet pulled him away, even after he knew she was pregnant.

4. His first impression of his predecessor on the USS Enterprise, Capt. Pike? He’s a lot taller than me.

5. His first encounter with his first mate, Spock, left him unnerved because he raised his voice when he spoke, something he had never seen a Vulcan do.

6. Forced to retire at 60, Kirk fantasizes about going back to work with a new ship and crew.

7. One of his deepest flaws was an inability to change.

8. Despite his mistakes, he felt he helped more people than he hurt.

9. He hated his medals because they reminded him not of his battle wins, but of the battles he lost.

10. The green uniform he wore early in his Starfleet command was so tight, it was very unforgiving after lunch (OK, that was Shatner’s opinion).

Source: DiscoverSD