Blink-182 invites coronavirus-quarantined fans to submit footage for band’s new ‘Happy Days’ video

The Poway-bred punk-pop band is asking fans to share videos of themselves ‘singing, cooking, excessive hand washing ...’


Will a global pandemic and social distancing lead to your appearing in a new music video by blink-182?

In any previous year, such a question would have sounded a lot like an early April Fool’s prank. That is assuming, of course, anyone in any previous year would have had a clue what “social distancing” meant.

But in the age of coronavirus, social distancing and self-quarantining are the new normal — and the impetus for the invitation blink-182’s recently extended on the Poway-bred punk-pop band’s social media channels.


The social media posts include a link to a Google Form, which contains a message addressed to BLINK FANS.

“Are you stuck at home?” the message begins.

“This is an unprecedented time that’s got everyone wishing for happy days, so we had an idea. Let’s make a music video to show how you’re spending your social distancing time.

“Show us what you’re up to — singing, cooking, excessive hand washing, attempting TikTok dances — we want to see it all!! Submit your video clips and we’ll use our favorites to make a video for ‘Happy Days.’

“Happy Days” is a song from 2019’s “Nine,” the band’s second album since guitarist-singer Matt Skiba replaced blink-co-founder Tom DeLonge in early 2015.

While the song pre-dates coronavirus, some of the lyrics to “Happy Days” take on a new resonance now, in particular the couplet: Walls of isolation inside of my pain / And I don’t know if I’m ready to change / I wanna feel happy days, happy days.

It is unclear when the band aims to release its “Happy Days” video.

It is also unclear what the status is for the band’s planned May 16 performance at Tijuana’s Parque Morleos, where blink-182 is scheduled to headline the Imperial GNP Festival.

Nearly two dozen other acts are also scheduled to perform at the festival, including Two Door Cinema Club, Jake Bugg, Zhu, Future Islands and Hippie Sabotage. Tickets appear to still be on sale. But with so many other festivals and concerts in April and May having been postponed or canceled because of coronavirus — including Coachella and Stagecoach — the fate of the Imperial GNP Festival remains to be determined.