Get to know CRSSD DJ Lee K

Lee K, aka Lee Krysinski, is perfroming at CRSSD 2020.
(Courtesy photo)

Local beatmaker and CRSSD veteran Lee Krysinski deserves to be a household name in San Diego. The child of a singer and multiinstrumentalist, Krysinski spent her formative years in Encinitas as a budding, yet unsatisfied, musician.

Bass, piano and drum lessons never really stuck, but a teenage infatuation with electronic music, coupled with an ever-growing love of the rave scene, finally prompted the marketing graduate to start DJing.

Through a relationship with CRSSD, and a residency at Bang Bang, the young DJ was able to gain experience and hone her craft, ultimately realizing the musical path she was always destined to take.

The three songs on her 2018 debut EP, Wet Behind The Ears, showcased Krysinski as a tech-house producer with a sharp skillset and keen ear, and she has gone on to grace stages all over North and South America, Europe and Japan.

Last month, Krysinski released her latest EP on Octopus Recordings, YSK, which features four new original songs and a remix by Marc Houle. She’ll be performing for her “sixth or seventh” time at CRSSD’s upcoming 11th iteration, where the Carlsbad resident still can’t believe that she’ll be sharing the stage with legendary house and techno producer Carl Cox.

First official paid gig?

First gig was in L.A., but it’s very likely I did not get paid for that (laughs). The first gig I actually got paid for was in San Diego at (now defunct) Voyeur. I did a warmup set there and I think that was when it became official.

Favorite San Diego club?

Spin. It’s been around forever, changed hands a few times, it’s dark, it’s old, but there’s just something about the energy there. The people who run it are the coolest ever, and the people who go there are just down for a different vibe. I can play weirder things and they’re receptive to it.

Favorite place to go when not DJing?

Papagayo in Leucadia. I go there all the time. They have a cool little patio and the service is always amazing. And it doesn’t really matter what time you go there — the menu is incredible. I love that place.

Favorite city to play outside of San Diego?

Argentina. I know that isn’t a city (laughs), but I have to say Argentina. They, and Latin countries in general, are so receptive to electronic music. The energy is great. And Argentina, specifically, has the most passionate and plugged-in people.

First record ever purchased with own money?

Prodigy’s Fat of the Land. Looking back, I was so young when I bought that! I don’t think my parents knew what was going on (laughs).

Thoughts on the CRSSD Festival?

I haven’t played every one, but I’ve attended every one. It’s surreal. I have to pinch myself sometimes. Having grown up here, to see this thing happening on the bay is amazing. It’s big enough to have that great festival energy, but it’s still just small enough to feel somewhat intimate.

And they’ve just been beyond generous with me. They asked me to come on near to the inception of the brand — before they ever had the festival. They’re like a family. And I’m very, very grateful.

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