Crumb doesn’t need a record label, thank you very much

A photo of Crumb - Credit to Shan Khan
Brian Aronow (left), Jesse Brotter, Lila Ramani and Jonathan Gilad make up the indie band Crumb.
(Shan Khan)

The independent psych-rock band is joined by Divino Niño and Shormey at Music Box on Oct. 10.


The term “indie music” is thrown around a lot these days, but Crumb is truly the embodiment of the term. This under-the-radar, psych-rock foursome blew up without a record label, manager or booking agent.

Instead, its success can largely be attributed to fans, who took to Reddit to share their admiration for the band. This internet fame and credibility has allowed Crumb to keep making music on its own terms. After recording two EPs, the group self-released its debut album, “Jinx,” in June.

Now Crumb embarks on a nearly 40-city, North American tour (then jets off to London for closing night) to promote the new album. The band will be joined by Chicago/Latinx punk rock group Divino Niño and Virgina-based psychedelic soul artist Shormey at most of the stops, including the show at Little Italy’s Music Box on Thursday, Oct. 10.


Crumb originated back in Boston three years ago when four Tuft University students got together to make some music. The players? Lila Ramani (vocals, guitar), Jesse Brotter (bass), Brian Aronow (synthesizers, keyboard, saxophone) and Jonathan Gilad (drums). They polished some demos Ramani originally wrote in high school and college, yielding two EPs: self-titled “Crumb” in 2016 and 2017’s “Locket.”

Both the EPs and latest album have a hypnotizing and hazy quality. The sound shifts and sways, often described as psychedelic rock or dreamy pop. If a listener doesn’t pay close attention, they might mistake the songs as “chill,” but the album is hardly a comfortable daydream. There is a haunting quality in Crumb’s music, characterized by hallucinogenic beats and lyrics that delve into anxiety, fear and the unknown.

A photo of Crumb by Salim Garcia
Crumb self-released its debut album, Jinx, in June 2019,
(Salim Garcia)

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Interesting tidbit

The title inspiration for “Jinx” was born out of a traumatic car crash that happened on tour last year. The incident left both Brotter and Gilad with serious injuries – and the band with suspicions they may have some kind of curse.


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When: 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 10
Where: Music Box, 1337 India St., Little Italy
Tickets: $21 online and at the door