How much would you pay to see Foo Fighters and Weezer at Petco Park tonight?


How much would you pay to see Foo Fighters and Weezer at Petco Park tonight?

That’s the big question for fans of the two bands, who are set to perform at the downtown San Diego baseball stadium as part of Silicon Valley-based tech giant Cisco’s Cisco Live Celebration.

Tonight’s 21-and-up concert, which is scheduled to take place at Petco Park from 7 to 11 p.m., is not open to the public — at least not technically — but you may still be able to attend.

Like Aerosmith’s Cisco-sponsored performance here in 2015, the Foo Fighters/Weezer double-bill is a perk for attendees of the five-day Cisco Live 2019, which runs through Thursday at the San Diego Convention Center.

Make that an expensive perk, since five-day passes are priced at $795 each for the Explorer package and $2,795 each for the full conference package. (The IT Management passes, priced at $3,195 each, are sold out.) Guest passes for tonight’s 21-and-up Petco Park concert cost $299 each, but can only be purchased by Cisco Live registrants.

However, those registrants could include you, if you are willing to pay the above prices and to take the time to register.

“Cisco Live conference registration is still open. The event is for Cisco customers and partners,” a Cisco representative told the Union-Tribune, via email, Wednesday morning. “We expect approximately 28,000 Cisco customers and partners in attendance at this year’s Cisco Live.”

What if you are not a Cisco customer or partner?

A quick phone call to the Cisco Live registration support line Wednesday confirmed that registration is open to anyone willing to pay the going rate.

Moreover, there’s a much quicker way to accomplish this than doing so online, a task that requires you to create a password-protected Cisco Live account and answer nearly two dozen detailed questions.

You can simply register in person at downtown’s bayside Marriott Marquis San Diego, which is one of Cisco Live’s headquarters.

Moreover, registrants who attend tonight’s Foo Fighters/Weezer concert, for which a separate wristband is issued, can also go to Thursday’s Cisco Live keynote address at the San Diego Convention Center. It will be given by Emmy Award-winning actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus, best known for her starring role in “Veep” and co-starring role in “Seinfeld.”

As for tonight’s concert, no doubt it costs a hefty amount to book Foo Fighters, whose 2018 earnings totaled $47 million, according to a Forbes magazine report, with a nightly concert gross of around $1 million. (According to the Foo Fighters’ website, tonight’s San Diego show is the band’s only U.S. date of the summer.)

Add in the booking fee for Weezer — and for renting Petco Park for several days to set up a massive stage in center field, along with a sound and lighting system, and the crews to run them, plus security and concessions — and you are likely looking at a seven-figure amount.

But that should be no problem for Cisco, which is a global leader in computer networking equipment, communications and information technology. The San Jose company’s 2018 earnings were $49.3 billion, up 3 percent from 2017.