Life of Agony’s transgender singer accepts San Diego fan’s online apology for on-stage leg-biting fracas

Holy fibula!

It’s not unheard of for over-excited rock fans to try and make an impression by jumping on stage during a concert to shake hands, bump fists or hug a performer.

But jumping on stage to bite a performer on the leg is another matter, as Life of Agony’s transgender singer, Mina Caputo, discovered during the New York alternative-metal band’s May 22 San Diego show here at Brick by Brick in Bay Park. Attendees captured the incident on video and posted it online.

In an online tweet posted early on May 23, Caputo charged that a female fan at Brick By Brick “assaulted & fanatically bit my leg...” Caputo then thanked the “fans who separated us,” adding “I don’t need medical attention thank heavens.” She concluded her tweet: “respect2 the San Diego police 4helping.”

On Saturday, the fan — San Diego tattoo artist Rebecca DeChantal — posted a lengthy apology. The apology followed an onslaught of online criticism about her actions at the Life of Agony performance here.

“I am truly sorry for my actions, as I am a Life of Agony fan,” DeChantal tweeted, “but understand sincerely many of you do not wish for me to represent the community…This terrible mistake falls solely on me and I will be dealing with the consequences to come as I already am feeling the effects and reprecussions due to my inexcusable actions.”

Caputo subsequently tweeted her forgiveness to DeChantal, writing: “Rebecca. Sending you Love, Light & Compassion. You are Forgiven. Sincerely wishing you Peace of Mind XXOO.”

It remains unclear what prompted DeChantal to bite the leg of Caputo, whose band’s repertoire includes such songs as “Bag of Bones” and “The Calm That Disturbs You.” But the “consequences” DeChantal had alluded to were spelled out in a series of earlier tweets, which were posted Saturday by San Diego’s Eden Tattoo Gallery and preceded her online apology.

One of the Eden Tattoo Gallery tweets stated that DeChantal had been placed on “indefinite leave” by the gallery’s owner, Mike Sirot, “pending further consequences as well as restitution and damages done to Eden Tattoo’s reputation...”

Sirot did not return a call from the Union-Tribune and no contact information is available for DeChantal. However, San Diego Police spokesman Joshua Hodge confirmed that officers were called to Brick by Brick early on May 23.

“A female victim was bitten by another female,” Officer Hodge said. “It was a misdemeanor battery that occurred and the victim of the crime requested no further action be taken.”

Asked if he could recall any previous concerts here at which San Diego police were asked to intervene because of an on-stage leg-biting incident, Officer Hodge replied: “Not in the three years that I’ve been here — and I’m a big music fan. I go to a lot of shows.”

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